Kingsley Owusu Brobbey Sworn In As Chairman Of Central Hertfordshire: A New Chapter For NPP UK Branch - PICTURES

Kingsley Owusu Brobbey, the newly sworn-in Chairman of Central Hertfordshire, marked a significant milestone for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) UK branch as he took on the leadership role amidst a gathering of esteemed guests and party members.

The inauguration event, attended by notable personalities including the Ghana Commissioner to the UK, NPP National Organiser Dr. Henry Kwabena Kokofu, Former M.P., CEO EPA, Chairman Kingsley Adumattah Agyapong, and other distinguished guests, exemplified the spirit of unity and determination within the party.

The guest of honor, Dr. Henry Kwabena Kokofu, emphasized the importance of unity within the NPP, highlighting that solidarity and togetherness are key to achieving the party's goal of securing victory in the upcoming elections.

He urged party members to set aside differences and foster collaboration to strengthen the party's position leading up to the crucial elections in January 2025.

Chairman Kingsley Adumattah Agyapong echoed the sentiments of unity and determination, emphasizing the unwavering commitment to "break the 8" at all costs. He called upon the newly elected executives of the Central Herts Chapter to work cohesively towards this common goal, underscoring the imperative of solidarity in achieving success.

In his inaugural speech, Chairman Kingsley Owusu Brobbey expressed gratitude for the trust and confidence reposed in him by the NPP members. He articulated a vision of transformation and progress for the Ghanaian community in Hertfordshire and beyond, stressing the potential for achieving success in the upcoming elections.

He called for collective efforts, determination, and adherence to the party's principles and values to surmount challenges and secure victory in the December 2024 elections.

Chairman Owusu Brobbey set the tone for a new era within the NPP UK branch, emphasizing the significance of unity and inclusivity in propelling the party towards success. His words resonated with hope and conviction, inspiring attendees to rally behind a common cause and work diligently towards a shared objective.


The colorful event, characterized by the vibrant NPP colors, symbolized a fresh beginning and a renewed sense of purpose within the party. As Chairman Owusu Brobbey assumed his leadership role, the stage was set for a period of growth, collaboration, and collective action towards realizing the party's aspirations.

The inauguration of Kingsley Owusu Brobbey as the Chairman of Central Hertfordshire heralds a new chapter in the NPP UK branch's journey, marked by unity, determination, and a firm resolve to "break the 8."

With a strong leadership team in place and a shared vision for the future, the party stands poised to make significant strides in the political landscape leading up to the forthcoming elections.