Footballer Kostas Manolas Had To Pose Alongside A Real Lion In His Signing Announcement - Watch What Happened πŸ˜…

Kostas Manolas is most remembered for his goal that sealed Roma’s Champions League comeback over Barcelona back in 2018 but he is now on his way to UAE side Sharjah FC.  

The Greek defender is joining Sharjah after a brief spell with Olympiacos and the UAE club decided to make the announcement of the signing special by bringing in a lion.

In the video below, Manolas can be seen posing with the lion before it lets out a small roar.

The Greek defender is visibly terrified of the animal after the roar and tries to back away from it by jumping over the tape placed there for the shoot.

The people around the photoshoot found the moment funny and Manolas is probably having a little giggle to himself now watching the footage back.