KSM Admits To Using Drugs In The Past

Satirist Kwaku Sintim Misa popularly known as KSM, has advised creatives against the use of drugs. 

Although he reveals that the biggest push for drug use among talents in the creative industry is the ability of the drugs to evoke wild creative ideas, he cautions that it is dangerous to rely on drugs for any creative activity.

"When you get on any drug, it can give you some amazing energy and some creative geniuses that can give you the boost. However, trust me, if you rely on the natural and you give yourself enough time, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. The deception is that that one gives you an immediate thing that you can do and you think this is the way out. But the more you do it, the more you destroy that capacity. So you can be the greatest creative and everything but later on you realise that it brings you down again, very very fast. So my advice is, don’t depend on any external high to get creative because it will give you just the boost but you can’t depend on that boost," he said.

He also admitted to using drugs in the past but explained he did so to see if that could really enhance his creative abilities.

"I did it to see how best it can help me to be creative and the ideas that I got were all very wild and to me wow ‘this thing is amazing, it can give you ideas and things’. But then once it starts dying down then you realise these are not wild ideas, these were stupid things. But at that time you don’t care. For me it doesn’t work.

I believe in what they call the natural high. Creative who stay natural and depend on the natural high are always more successful and they have longevity than those who depend on the quick high thing," he noted.