Stephanie Benson Cautions Women Against Brazilian Butt Lift

Socialite and music entrepreneur Stephanie Benson has cautioned against the popular cosmetic procedure known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), emphasizing potential health risks and a significant chance of death.

Speaking on TV3 about her health challenges and recovery from a recent surgical procedure, Benson expressed her strong stance on prioritizing health.

She disclosed, “The chances of you dying on Liposuction is a lot less than going to do a BBL. BBL is at least a 70% chance you might pass away.”

Benson, who recently underwent gallbladder removal surgery while battling cancer, emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle before considering any surgical enhancements.

She encouraged women to focus on their well-being, cautioning against the allure of cosmetic procedures without addressing underlying health concerns.

Highlighting that reputable surgeons in the UK and America discourage BBL procedures, Benson shared a personal tragedy of a close friend who lost her life due to the same cosmetic surgery.

The Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure aimed at augmenting the size and shape of the buttocks, has become increasingly popular globally.

Stephanie Benson’s warning serves as a timely reminder for individuals, especially women, to prioritize health and make informed decisions when considering cosmetic procedures, urging a careful evaluation of associated risks before opting for surgeries with potentially life-threatening consequences.