“I Saw The Signs Before The Marriage” – Israel DMW’s Estranged wife, Sheila Speaks ...

Sheila, Israel DMW’s wife, discusses the origins of their marital issues, including how he locked her out of their home for failing to notify him of her outing.

It will be remembered that David’s helper, Israel DMW, had opened up about his troubles with his wife and how she had changed after marriage. 
Sheila stated in her own version of events that their conflict began in November when he requested her not to return home since she had not told him of her planned outing.

Sheila, who went to the saloon, assumed he was joking, but when she returned home, the gateman refused to let her in.

After several phone calls between him and his father, Israel finally allowed her back in.

She mentioned that he apologized days later for what he did.

Sheila wrote: “I was going to keep my reserve on this but as it is I see no reason to.

Did I see signs before the wedding? Yes I did, one of the reasons was because of the rush on the wedding even after I said we should give it time! He came up with a lot of excuses and threats.

Most of the things he did regarding the wedding was without my consent! Down I to invitation card! I didn’t even get to see what the design looked like before it was printed. I only get to find out about stuffs after it’s been paid for, we had a fight that I told him that it seems it’s his event planner he wants to Marry because they’re not carrying me along

Proceeding to the wedding there was a huge turn up! It was elaborate was that what I even wanted? No! But oga said he’s a public figure people eye dey so he has to do it big! (The white wedding)

The wedding happened and the wedding day passed now na see us see marriage. He started showing up as his real self in full. He would be traveling and ask me not to put on gen, not to go anywhere, don’t do this don’t do that.

He literally used the wedding to gather money for himself! He wanted massive support and he got it what I expected from him as a wife was baby see what we got 0, wetin we go use am do? Or see wetin I wan use am do, I don’t think that’s supposed to be anything, so even when he failed to do any of those I overlooked.

We started having issues from November’!!! I will tell him I’m going to the salon when I get there he would text me to not come back, the first time this happened I thought it was a joke yet I hurriedly went back home because I was already living in fear I got home and the gateman refused to open gate for me, say oga say make he no open gate, I called him on phone he said! should go back to where I am coming from.

I was outside the gate frustrated and ashamed! I called his dad and reported him, his father called me back to tell me that isreal is insulting him, the father complained back to me, I asked my cab to start driving me around while I was calling him to ask the gateman to open the gate!

After the plenty calls from his dad and me he finally instructed the gateman to open the gate, I took the walk of shame back into the house, when he got back home that day I was so hurt I could not say anything till the next day I told him calmly that no matter issue wey we get make outsider no know, that even if I did something wrong come back inside and correct me, I explained how hurt and how embarrassing it was. He didn’t say anything but apologized after some days.”