Guinness Ghana Celebrates Creativity And Culture At Guinness Black And Bold Conversations

Guinness, a leading advocate for nurturing creativity, innovation, and preserving cultural heritage in Ghana, recently hosted the Guinness Black and Bold Conversations as a precursor to the inaugural and highly-anticipated Guinness Accravaganza.
The thought leadership event brought together esteemed guests, industry leaders, and creative enthusiasts in a celebration of Ghana's rich cultural heritage and creative spirit.
The highlight of the event was a panel discussion featuring Kennedy Agyapong Jnr, Founder of AfroFuture; PaJohn Bentsifi Dadson, Founder of Bentsifi & Native Adventures; Abdul-Samed Sadiq, Digital, ECommerce, and Cultural Manager at Guinness Ghana; Mariam Kaleem Agyeman-Buahin a marketing consultant; as well as Anabelle Mckenzie, Director at Beyond The Return and Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Founder/Managing Director of 3 Music Networks (Organizers of 3 Music Awards) Together, they engaged in a dynamic discourse on the topic: "Harnessing Entertainment and Culture to Drive Tourism and Energize Ghana's Creative Economy."


During a keynote address, Roland Ofori, Head of Beers at Guinness Ghana, acknowledged the undeniable transformation taking place in Ghana's creative landscape. The nation is not only celebrated for its vibrant culture and rich history but has also emerged as a regional and continental hub for arts, music, entertainment, and cultural expression.of Ghana's creative economy.
Mr. Ofori underscored Guinness' commitment to creating an enabling environment for the youth to thrive and actively contribute to the nation's socio-economic growth through the creative economy.
"Guinness has a rich history of supporting Ghanaian creatives. Our 'Black Shines Brightest' campaign, embodies our dedication to celebrating creativity and culture. We are purposeful in our intent, uniting passionate and imaginative individuals to seize the opportunities before them. We recognize the profound impact of creativity on society and remain steadfast in nurturing and empowering those who dare to dream, innovate, and create," he stated.
Roland Ofori underscored the pivotal role of corporate partnerships in elevating Ghana's creative economy. He emphasized that such support not only fosters innovation and nurtures emerging talent but also provides a global platform to showcase the nation's rich cultural heritage. This, in turn, contributes to the growth of tourism, job creation, and overall economic development, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all stakeholders.
As we anticipate the forthcoming 'Guinness Accravaganza' – a multifaceted experience encompassing the areas of arts, football, music, and fashion – the Head of Beers enthusiastically described it as an exceptional day-long event set to unfold on September 30th at Untamed Empire. The event's central objective is to celebrate and ignite the creative talents spanning various domains, thereby enhancing the cultural richness and creative excellence of Ghana