Ghana-Diaspora Property Festival To Be Hosted In Ghana This December

The “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” was a kick-start campaign in Ghana that encouraged many from the black diaspora to trace their roots and find new opportunities in Ghana. Since then, Ghana has seen an influx of black diaspora and foreigners, especially during the Christmas festivities.

Notable personalities who have visited the country following the campaign include WWE champion Kofi Kingston, Idris Elba, Boris Codjoe, Usher, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Chance the Rapper. Increased revenue from tourism, investment deals, partnerships in various sectors and closure for the African diaspora have been some of the tangible benefits of this campaign.

The “Ghana-Diaspora Property Festival” is a groundbreaking event that brings together members of the diaspora community and real estate developers to explore investment opportunities in Ghana.

The event is being organized with the aim of attracting the top real estate developers both locally and internationally to have a stand at the festival and to showcase their properties to the world while creating a one-stop shop for everything property from building materials, sanitary ware, interior decor, furniture and properties.

The maiden edition is set to be held in the vibrant city of Accra this December 2023.The event will host both foreign and local exhibitors, real estate developers, suppliers, construction firms, banks and insurance companies among others.

By bringing together all these exhibitors and professionals from varying backgrounds within the business environment, part of the festival’s primary objective is to facilitate business partnerships and create opportunities for investment.

There will be a colorful display of food, culture, and musical performance. The event is expected to attract thousands of people from the diaspora community and locally.

With a plethora of reasons to invest in Ghana, political stability, good returns on investment, easy accessibility, a fast-growing marketplace place, and alluring incentives are just to mention a few why investment in Ghana’s real estate market is a no-brainer;Registration for the “Ghana-Diaspora Property Festival” is free for all exhibitors. All purchases by attendees to the event will enjoy incentives such as discounts even up to 15% off all products and exclusive networking opportunities.