Prince Harry Reveals Steamy Details of S3x With Meghan Markle

PRINCE Harry has revealed he had sex with Meghan Markle at Soho House after sneaking into the flashy venue in a freight lift.

In his controversial memoir, the Duke of Sussex, 38, recalled waiting "breathlessly" outside Meghan's hotel room until she opened the door and "pulled me inside". Harry told how the couple reunited in the London hotel after spending weeks apart in the summer of 2016.

The royal said he and Meghan - who were nearly two months into their relationship at the time - spent the steamy night at Soho House on the anniversary of the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Harry explained how Meghan had told him to meet her at the hotel where she was staying - and instructed him to take a secret way to the hotel and use a freight lift.

He then met a friend of hers named Vanessa, who led him up to her hotel door. Harry recalled how Meghan then opened the door and reached out for him.

"Her arms were reaching for me," he wrote in his book, Spare.

"She pulled me inside and thanked her friend in one fluid motion, then slammed the door quickly before anyone saw.

"I want to say we hung a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. But I don't think there was time." He also told how he hid under the covers of their bed when room service was delivered the next morning.
"Meg whispered to go into the bathroom but I preferred my hiding place," he wrote.

The breakfast was delivered by the hotel assistant manager - who stayed for a chat with Meghan. 

"He didn't notice the prince-shaped lump under the duvet," Harry said.

"He talked and talked, and caught her up on the latest, while I, in my duvet cave, started to run out of air." 
The pair had just been on their romantic getaway to Botswana - but had spent time apart as Harry had been a long holiday with pals.

Meghan had flown into London to meet him and Harry told how she texted him while he was laying flowers on his mum's grave at Althorp with William.

Harry drove back to London with William and met up with Meghan later that day. 

In his memoir, Harry also revealed he had a bespoke penis "cushion" made for a trip to Antarctica to protect him from frostbite.
He said he was presented with the custom-made device by a "close mate" ahead of a 335km charity hike for injured veterans in 2013.

Harry said his pal sent it to him after he suffered "frostnip" on his penis during a similar charity event in the Arctic in 2011.

His memoir, published on Tuesday, has shocked the world - with the Duke launching savage attacks on the royal family.