Amerado Explains 'Red Letter' To Strongman! Watch Out, Sarkodie!!

Sarkodie should watch out! Rapper Amerado has sent a subliminal message to the LANDLORD to get ready to be pulled away from his countryside.

Amerado, in an exclusive interview with Abeiku Santana following his release of a red letter to his colleague Hip-hop artiste, Strongman, disclosed his willingness for a collaboration with Sarkodie.

He believes he cannot go to Sarkodie unprepared and request he hops on his (Amerado) beat and churn out a hit track.

The 'Abotre' hit maker, who is on a love letter mission to his fellow artistes, indicated to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM's drive time "Ekwanso Dwoodwoo" that he is hoping to find the "right feelings to write him (Sarkodie) a letter. Maybe sooner or later!"

Rapper Amerado also seized the opportunity to explain for the first time the aim for his red letter project.

"It's about a memorable stuff, how I feel that in as much as when we get beef...if we show ourselves love will make people happy with us the more because it is about time we see that unity is strength...As a rapper, I haven't really seen any rapper has given accolades to his fellow colleague and I felt like it's about time I proved to Strongman that there is no friction at all. I like him so much", he said.

He further established his readiness to collaborate with his very big rival, Strongman, on a song that will take Ghana's music to the next top level.

Amerado has also written a red letter to the beautiful Eno Barony, the only female rapper giving the male rappers a run for their money.

Red Letter to Eno Barony was released yesterday and has since garnered 30000 views on YouTube.

Listen to Amerado's full interview: