OB Amoah Boy Elected In NPP Parliamentary Candidate For Akuapem South

Eric Apeadu Yeboah, the special aide to OB Amoah, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Akuapem South in the Eastern Region, has secured victory in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primary for the constituency.

Out of the total valid votes cast, Yeboah received 267 votes, representing 49.3%, earning him the parliamentary candidacy for the Akuapem South Constituency.

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, a total of 574 delegates gathered at the Presby Women’s College of Education in Aburi to participate in the election, aiming to select a parliamentary candidate for the NPP in the Eastern Region.

Initially, the election was postponed after the incumbent Member of Parliament, OB Amoah, withdrew from the race. Following discussions, Frank Aidoo, the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, was included on the ballot alongside Yeboah and two other candidates, Eric Samuel Annor Mensah and Kwame Ofori Gyau.

The primary began calmly, but tensions rose when allegations surfaced that one of the candidates had confined some delegates to a room near the voting center. Thanks to the intervention of security personnel and regional executives, the situation was swiftly resolved.

Frank Aidoo received 69 votes, Eric Samuel Annor Mensah received 54 votes, and Kwame Ofori Gyae had 152 votes.

Tony Osei Adjei, the Eastern Regional Secretary of the party, oversaw the elections and emphasized the need to promote unity among party members.

He also dismissed claims that the delay in conducting the primaries would negatively impact the party’s prospects in the December elections.

In his acceptance speech, Eric Yeboah Apeadu expressed his gratitude to the delegates for the honor bestowed upon him and called on them to work diligently for the party’s success in breaking the eight-year cycle.

The Member of Parliament for the area echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of unity within the party.