Do You Want Akufo-Addo To Turn Into Okomfo Anokye And Conjure Money From The Sky? - Allotey Jacobs Quizzes

Bernard Allotey Jacobs has objurgated the calls on President Nana Addo for reduction in the prices of petroleum products in the country.

Over the months, there's been astronomical increases in fuel prices, hence burdening commercial and private drivers and passengers.

The prices currently stand at over 10 cedis and 12 per litre for petrol and diesel respectively.

The government blames the Ukraine/Russia war for the fuel price increases.

However, there are incessant calls on the President to stabilize the petroleum prices.

Some critics have suggested that the President should either reduce or remove the taxes on petroleum products and also negotiate to buy fuel directly from Russia which is selling at a subsidized price.

Speaking to the issue during Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" programme, Bernard Allotey Jacobs expressed strong disagreement with views that the President should reduce the fuel prices and taxes.

He argued that "if we reduce the prices of petroleum products, this country [it] will come to a standstill because government rakes in revenue from these petroleum taxes and pay an army of over 700000 government employees".

Allotey Jacobs wondered how the critics expect the President pay the government employees when the petroleum product prices are cut.

"...due to hypocrisy, they will tell you to reduce the price of fuel and after that expect Nana Akufo-Addo to turn into Okomfo Anokye and conjure money from the sky to pay them. This is what we are doing to Ghana", he snapped.


Allotey also directed a message to the Ghana Trade Union Congress (GTUC) for asking the President to adopt homegrown solutions to salvage the economy.

Secretary-General of the Union, Dr. Yaw Baah is quoted as saying "we have a serious problem with the economy and these domestic shareholder initiatives have the potential to turn things around for the economy".

In response to the GTUC, Allotey Jacobs said; "The TUC and their other Unions should stop embarking on the strike actions because we are not in good times. So, they should speak to their Unions and hold interactions with the government...We need to sit down on a round table not to threaten government and then the nation. That is also a homegrown solution."