You Are A Vile, Unintelligent NPP Propagandist In Cassock - Sammy Gyamfi Attacks Bishop

Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress, Sammy Gyamfi, has described former presiding Methodist Bishop of the Obuasi Diocese, the Very Rev. Bosomtwe Ayensu as a "vile, unintelligent NPP propagandist parading in cassock".

To him, Rev Ayensu does not set a good example as a member of a distinguished group of people; the clergy.

He pointed out that whereas most members of the clergy are circumspect in their choice of words, especially on political matters, the Methodist bishop's conduct is a far cry from such notable persons. 

Backward Attempt To Sway Voters

The man of God recently questioned ex-President Mahama’s decision to repeal the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy) should he assume office as president of the republic in 2025.

Bishop Ayensu described the pronouncement by the NDC flagbearer as backward and an attempt to sway voters.

A leading opposition party says this government has been borrowing to fund projects. But it [the government] has been strategic this time to introduce this homegrown policy to build our nation. So if someone says he will repeal this law when he wins power then such a person will not even win power to abort it.

“If the E-levy is a good policy why will you abolish it? Such people can’t even do it because history keeps guiding us. Such comments usually end up as a political talk and deceit,” he added.

No Rational Man of God....

But speaking on Okay Fm's Ade Akye Abia programme, Sammy Gyamfi accused the Methodist bishop of using his pulpit to engage in partisan politics instead of disseminating the word of God.

He further stressed that offering dissenting opinion to someone's view should not culminate in raining of insults, particularly from "rational man of God".

"He is a vile, unintelligent NPP propagandist parading in rational man of God will do this.....

"John Dramani Mahama has registered his displeasure for a government policy which he feels is very unpopular even among some NPP members and if you think otherwise, you can state your claim without subjecting him (Mahama) to public ridicule and hatred.

"The NDC as a responsible opposition has every right to state our position if we feel certain policies of the government will unnecessarily burden Ghanaians and also provide alternative solution to that. If you think or feel otherwise, you can equally comment without attacking or making disparaging comments about the person of the former president HE John Dramani Mahama," Sammy Gyamfi fumed.

The NDC National Communications Officer thus called on Methodist Church Ghana to "boldly come out and dissociate themselves from the comments of this Methodist bishop turned NPP Communicator."

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Former president Mr. John Dramani Mahama addressing the nation on the theme ‘Ghana at the crossroads’ has said the E-levy is only a distortionary and burdensome tax that only forces Ghanaians to pay more while suffering.

“Unfortunately in the face of this self-inflicted economic catastrophe, this government against all sound advise has decided to introduce the E-Levy that heaps more suffering on Ghanaians,” Mr. Mahama said.

“A new national democratic congress government, God willing, with the votes of the sovereign people of Ghana, in 2025 will repeal the E-Levy act,” he added.