Damongo Goes Green To Become Greenest City In Ghana: A Model For Sustainable Conservation - Jinapor

In alignment with the government's Green Ghana project, the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for Damongo, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor, has initiated a privately-led tree-planting drive in his constituency.

The launch, which took place on Friday, June 14, 2024, saw the MP underscore his dedication and unalloyed commitment to the greening of Ghana and building of a resilient climate.

The scope of the Green Damongo Project as disclosed by Hon. Samuel Jinapor indicates that over 32,000 trees will be planted to serve multiple purposes of beautifying the town and also contributing to the fight against climate change.

Divided into three phases, the first phase of Green Damongo will involve planting approximately 2,670 trees along major roads in the town and at selected sites such as the old and new markets, as well as the stretch from Military Junction to the hospital.

The second phase will extend over 66 km on each side of the road between Jojo Pe and Damongo, while the third phase will encompass each side of the road between Damongo and Sieyiri, totalling 83 km.

Tree species selected for the Green Damongo Project include the Savannah Mahogany and Cassia.

Other areas which will be captured in the exercise include, from Military Junction to Hospital road, Agric College junction to Kasha restaurant, from Damongo bypass to Agric College, and from Sawla highway to RCC.

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd of traditional leaders and residents who turned up massively with great eagerness to support his initiative, Hon. Jinapor charged the constituents to step as custodians of the environment and embrace their collective responsibility of protecting the environment.

He highlighted the Green Damongo project's goals, which include raising awareness about the need for collective action to restore the degraded landscape in Damongo and instilling the values of planting and nurturing trees, along with their associated benefits, in the youth of the area.

“I stand before you today, in all humility and modesty, to say that, the Green Ghana Day initiative, has been wholeheartedly embraced by the entire citizenry and residents of Ghana.  As Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, under whose stewardship this project was birthed, I have decided to bring the project home. For it is said, “the power of a great idea is amplified when it is shared with the place that holds your heart.”

“This morning, I am honoured to share with you a vision that is close to my heart and crucial for the future of our community, “the Green Damongo Project.” Ours is a Constituency that is blessed with vibrant people, rich culture, and a promising future. However, to ensure that our future remains bright, we must take concrete steps today to safeguard our environment. One such step is the planting of trees on the medians of our roads.

“Therefore, it is with great pleasure and deep sense of optimism that I unite with you once again, to launch this significant initiative, in our beloved Constituency. Today, we come together not just as natives and residents of Damongo, but as custodians of our environment, united by a shared responsibility to nurture and protect the natural environment that sustains us,” he said.

The vibrant ceremony, graced by several dignitaries including the the Municipal Chief Executive for Damongo, Hon. Musah Karim Kusobari, the Deputy CEO of Forestry Commission, Mr.  Nyadia Sulemana Nelson culminated in the planting of commemorative trees to signify the initiative's inauguration.

Chief Executive for the West Gonja Municipal Assembly, Mr Karim Musa paid special tribute to Hon. Samuel Jinapor for the initiative, describing it as a laudable gesture that will go a long to help reduce deforestation and land degradation in the area.

He explained that the municipality will ensure the success of the project by forming committees that will be tasked with monitoring and nursing the trees.

Launched in 2021 by the government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and led by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources under Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor, the Green Ghana Day initiative has become a significant movement for protecting and enhancing Ghana's forest and green cover.