Sleeping Next To A Phone Lowers Your IQ, Makes You Dumb

The Apple User Manual has now put out a new warning NOT to sleep next to iPhone while charging. Otherwise the iPhones risks generating too much heat and generates fires!

Not only that but sleeping within 10 feet of your iPhone has been shown to lower your IQ! Be smart about your phone usage!

To me the fire 🔥 risk is minimal but the risk of you becoming stupid enough to keep using it for a morning alarm is alarmingly high. No pun intended. I did it until recently even. Doesn’t mean you’re a full blown idiot, but it’s not the best way to wake up. I recommend a sun alarm clock. Like Hatch @hatchforsleep or Phillips or an off brand one. Plug your phone in a nearby room or over 10 feet away. If you’ve got kids you can keep the phone on (if you don’t have a house phone) for safety but move it away from your brain and body!

For those who don’t believe it- go here-
Title of the study shows how the phone near you, whether on nor off, makes you dumb. Adrian Ward, “Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity”

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Note: this was for iPhone 14. But still these things can get scarily hot when charging even the new iPhones.
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