'Guinness World Record Attempt Turns Woman's Hands White'

A Nigerian student who was determined to set a new record for hand-washing clothes has been filmed looking drastically different afterward.

In a viral video Subair Enitan is seen resting on a bed following what she says was a 58-hour stint at a wash basin on Monday, showing friends her wrinkled and whitened hands.

The Guinness World Records group has not yet commented on Ms Enitan's bid, but she told local media on Monday:

"I am very fulfilled to have completed the task right in front of my mum, friends and colleagues who thronged this venue to show love and support my ambition."

World-record fever has swept Nigeria in recent months.

Celebrity chef Hilda Baci kicked off the trend when she cooked continuously for over 93 hours, but five months later she was dethroned by Irish chef Alan Fisher who managed over 119 hours.

More recently, a Nigerian woman called Helen Williams set a new record for making the longest handmade wig - measuring 351.28m (1,152ft 5in)