No Mass Registration Exercise Again For Ghana Cards - NIA Boss Asserts

There will be no mass registration again for Ghana Card, Professor Ken Attafuah has stated.

Speaking in an interview on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" morning show, a texter asked whether the National Identification Authority (NIA) will hold a mass registration to ensure the many Ghanaians who haven't registered do so.

The NIA boss answered that the mass registration is expensive.

"I don't think we will do that again but we are a State institution set up by Parliament. If Parliament changes our law and order or instruct us to do mass registration, we will gladly do it. However, let me add that the mass registration was a very expensive business; the average monthly bill for wages alone was around 20 million", he said.

He added; "We have the know-how, template and all of that. We can easily adjust and do it but it's not in the offing for now. We will explore other ways of meeting the needs of the people but if the law changes, we will obey the law."