Chairman Ampofo’s Decision To Withdraw The Party Midway Into The Ayawaso West Wuogon By Election Was Not Only A Consultative Decision But…

Chairman Ampofo’s decision to withdraw the party midway into the Ayawaso West Wuogon by election was not only a consultative decision and action but a product of wisdom, maturity and the premium he places on human lives.*

In the face of uniformed, masked and armed rogues unknown to the Ghana Police and Military establishment on duty and yet using official security vehicles and taking no instructions from the regular security agencies, shooting, beating, slapping and threatening, even the police, against unprepared civilians, unarmed, and defenseless party actors who could not be protected even by the police and military on duty, that decision was the best for the party.

It is significant to also note that the party’s Parliamentary Candidate who was obviously stricken with shock and pain by the gruesome attacks on party members in his house had also lost interest in the contest, and rightly so.

In the middle of all these, it takes a wise, mature, humane, selfless and politically astute leader to withdraw from the contest to save scores of lives.

Posterity has already rightly judged Chairman Ampofo for such a timely decision.

They party in future shall anticipate such official lawlessness and be better prepared to exchange madness for madness in equal measure!

Bravery cannot be equated to supervising a suicide mission.

Delali Sewoekpor

Awutu Senya East constituency Communications Officer