KIC And Mastercard Foundation Launch New Program For Youth In Commercial Farming

KIC, in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, has announced an exciting new initiative called the Young Farmers Business Academy (YFBA).

This program aims to engage young people interested in commercial farming, offering them the tools and knowledge to establish successful agribusinesses.

The YFBA is designed to provide significant employment opportunities for youth, addressing the need for innovative approaches in the agricultural sector.

The YFBA is a comprehensive 4 to 7-month program that targets young individuals keen on starting their agribusiness ventures. Participants will benefit from a robust system of training, workshops, and hands-on experience.

The program emphasizes practical sessions, field demonstrations, coaching, and mentorship, encouraging participants to explore agri-production and its related sectors for potential business opportunities.

Benjamin Gyan-Kesse, Executive Director for KIC, highlighted the program's potential impact: “The Young Farmer Business Academy will introduce young people to applied technology to improve production. By leveraging innovative commercial farming techniques, we aim to revolutionize the way young farmers approach agriculture.”

The YFBA will be implemented in partnership with KIC’s partners from academic institutions, providing a collaborative environment for learning and development. Participants will gain exposure to a variety of modern farming practices and technologies. These include precision agriculture utilizing data and technology to optimize crop yields and resource usage;  Participants will be exposed to the use of modern implements and equipment, such as modern planters to enhance farming efficiency.

Also technologies for Soil Testing and Assessment will be used for soil analyses to determine optimal crop selection and appropriate chemical and fertilizer application.

The participants will also be exposed to Vertical Farming, for exploring space-efficient farming methods that maximize crop production.

The program component will also involve Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology to support the integration of cutting-edge scientific advancements to improve crop resilience and yield.

Through the YFBA, KIC and its partner institutions aim to inspire a new generation of farmers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to drive innovation in agriculture. The program not only seeks to transform participants' perspectives on farming but also to foster sustainable agricultural practices that can contribute to broader economic growth.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply and seize this opportunity to be part of a transformative journey in the agricultural sector.