Ministry Of Finance Report Confirms BOST Profits During Mahama Era

JoyNews’ Fact-Check on John Mahama’s statement on BOST profits is wrong. The former President was right when he confidently stated that BOST generated profits during his tenure as President.

In support of his statement, I have attached a screenshot of page 45 from the 2017 State Ownership Report, which was published by the Ministry of Finance in 2018 under the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia/ NPP government. This official document clearly shows that BOST achieved net profits of GHS 88.09 million in 2016 and GHS109.36 million in 2015.

The subsequent manipulation of the books and financial records of BOST through dubious audit practices, is disgraceful and should be rejected by any discerning mind. Sadly, that appears to have informed JoyNews’ fact-check