Phillips Consulting Limited Tasks Organisations On Reimagining Talent Experience And Retention

Phillips Consulting Limited (pcl.) and LRMG Africa hosted a successful Ghana Business Conference on Reimagining Talent Experience and Retention. The conference featured discussions led by prominent executives who presented innovative ideas for improving the utilisation of corporate talent in Ghana.

During his keynote speech, Rob Taiwo, the Managing Director of pcl. emphasised that "talent goes where talent wants, and employees have the freedom to choose where they work.” He also emphasised that “leadership is crucial in creating inclusive work environments that prioritise psychological safety and support employee retention” and those “companies that do not prioritise employee well-being and job satisfaction may risk losing their top talent to organisations that do.”

Paul Ayim, Partner, Digital Learning, pcl. stated that “when you provide your employees with an environment that fosters learning, understanding of the company's purpose, collaboration, and empowerment, it leads to a positive experience and high engagement. Thanks to digital learning, employees no longer need to wait for a classroom to learn. This democratises the learning experience, improves performance, and establishes a consistent culture. Organisations that re-imagine and refocus their talent experience will always outcompete peers in their industry.”

Speakers, including Jonathan Thompson, Head of LRMG Africa, Oredolapo Adedayo, Head of HR, pcl., Esi Mmirba Wilson, Director, People and Transformation, Consolidated Bank Ghana, Francis Buamah, Chief Execution Champion, bASE_JUMP, and Kojo Amissah, Lead Executive/Principal Consultant, CITAM shared valuable insights on how companies can improve their talent experience, increase employee retention rates, address underemployment issues, and promote a culture of inclusivity and skills development. They also discussed the future of work and the effects of digital technology and Artificial Intelligence.

The Ghana Business Conference was a successful event that offered valuable insights into addressing talent management in the Industry 4.0 era.